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Organizational sustainability

Sustainable NGOs have the ability to survive over a long period of time. They have a good standard of organizational performance, financial viability and capacity.

Their focus is on maintaining this standard in a changing world with new demands coming from stakeholders and the general public.


In order to become sustainable a NGO has to:

  • Achieve social and environment program goals efficiently and effectively
  • Achieve economical goals of its own business venture (social enterprise) efficiently and effectively
  • Be efficient and effective in administrative functions
  • Take account of the impacts of programs on those that are not the target beneficiaries
  • Take account of the impact of non-program activities on the society
  • Take account of the impact of whatever the NGO does on its employees


The NGO related literature focuses on three dimensions of organizational sustainability:

  • Financial Sustainability
  • Programmatic sustainability
  • Institutional capacity (good standard of governance, management knowledge and skills)


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