Organizational sustainability

Risk assessments focus on identifying external and internal risks and determining their probability and consequences.


They are conducted:

  • To establishes whether the organization faces serious risks that threaten its survival
  • To determine priorities for action
  • To prepare the process of selecting and implementing measures to modify risk


Guide to further reading (available online)


Association of Insurance and Risk Managers, Institute of Risk Managers, National Forum for Risk Management in the Public Sector, A Risk Management Standard, 2002, at:

  • The document wants to help organizations to manage their risk. It provides a list external and internal factors that can be the source of risk. Furthermore it describes in detail how to identify, describe and estimate risk.

S.Emslie, Risk management column – best practices for NGOs, 2008, at:

  • This short article describes the risk management process and how to conduct a risk assessment. It also mentions a number of risks that a NGO may face.

InterAction, USAID, Security risk management, NGO approach, at:

  • The document can be used as a guideline how to prepare a security risk assessment. The authors understand as security risk those threats to security which have the likelihood to cause harm, loss, or damage to an NGO.