Organizational sustainability

Organizational capacity is closely linked to the performance and financial viability of an organization.


A capacity assessment will indicate which aspects of capacity you will have to improve and in which areas you have a good or excellent standard.


Capacity assessments focus on

  • The quality of leadership, staff and other resources
  • Internal conditions that are important for making good use of resources


How to conduct the assessment


I suggest that you use as a starting point one of the assessments tools available online, for example the capacity assessment grid published by Venture Philanthropy Partners.

The assessment tool of Venture Philanthropy Partners covers in detail the following areas:          

  • Aspirations
  • Strategy
  • Organizational skills
  • Human Resources:
  • Systems and Infrastructure
  • Organizational Structure
  • Culture


Additionally you should analyze knowledge, skills and work experience of key personnel.

Capacity problems will also become apparent when you study internally used indicators.



Sources / Guide to further reading (available online)


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